How it works

There’s no registration or sign-up needed.
Earn points automatically every time you ride. To access Careem REWARDS,
click the menu tab on the top left corner.


Ride more. Receive points for every penny spent on a Careem ride.


Explore more. Turn your points into free rides, donations to charity or offers from partners.


Discover more. Take 15 rides a month to upgrade to Gold status.

Benefits for you…and others

Your points can help you and others get more! Turn your points into big rewards with free rides or help someone in need with a charity donation to one of our below partners. It’s all just one tap away and we’ll be announcing some more amazing rewards really soon.

Get credit back and free rides
Help a refugee
Feed a child for one day
Get offers on M – RIDE NOW

M - Ride Gold

Level up to Gold status by taking 15 rides a month and get exclusive benefits


You get 50% more points every time you spend with Careem


Gold customers get the best rewards and offers in the city


Get VIP customer service 24/7 across all channels



How do I earn M - RIDE points?

Unfortunately, your package cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions. You can, however, apply a promo code purchasing your package.

Do I earn points on promo or discounted rides?

Unfortunately, unused kilometres and rides will expire on the stipulated date and cannot be carried over even if a new package is purchased before expiration, so try to make sure you use it to the fullest!

Do I earn points when I use M - RIDE in another country?

No, you don’t get loyalty points when you purchase a package directly. However, you get loyalty points for topping up your Careem PAY account, so you can always top up your account and use the credit to purchase packages in order to get loyalty points.

How can I spend M - RIDE points?

You can turn off auto renew by navigating to the Packages section of the side menu, tapping on the Package of your choice and choosing the “disable auto renew” option. Alternatively, you can navigate to Package settings in the settings section of the side menu and turn off auto renew from there.